Avionics - ELT Fixed Automatic and Portable

Emergency locator transmitters are becoming a requirement in many different regulatory areas around the world. FlitePartners can offer installation modifications and kits for both portable and Fixed ELT’s.
   Recent projects have included installation of fixed Artex B406 and C406 Emergency Locator Transmitter with control panel.

Avionics - IFE

Flitepartners can offer installation and removal of various IFE components. This can be used to save weight and maintenance, to improve fleet commonality. FlitePartners can also offer alternative IFE solutions, e.g iPads, streaming wifi.

Avionics - GPS

FlitePartners can offer GPS installation on all types of aircraft. We offer a range of systems from the most basic standalone system to more complicated integrated options.

We also offer a combined, LRU’s, installation kits and engineering documentation service on certain GPS systems.

Avionics - Satcom

FlitePartners Ltd is offering STC approved installation that provide a comprehensive range of aviation solutions to keep pilots and their passengers in constant global communication. Whether you are looking for voice, tracking, and/or two-way messaging, the equipment and installation can be tailored to meet your satellite communication needs.

From a computer web browser, it is possible to:
  • Access flight track on a global layered map
  • Receive event notifications for emergency, take-off, landing, minimum en-route altitude, quick position /mayday alerts, inactive units and more
  • Send and receive 2-way email messages
  • Create flight plans
From the aircraft it is possible to:
  • Global Voice Communication
  • Two-way text messaging to ground email
  • Telephone dialling
  • Quick Position Reporting
  • Weather notification
  • Route diversion notification
  • Maintenance notification

To see some of the advantages of Satcom and Satellite Tracking please see the following links:

Tracking and communication from ground:

Case study

Avionics - Enhanced Mode S
Mode S and Secondary Surveillance Radar - Whilst traditional Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) stations interrogate all aircraft within their range, Mode S establishes selective and addressed interrogations with aircraft within its coverage.

Such selective interrogation improves the quality and integrity of the detection, identification and altitude reporting. These improvements translate into benefits in terms of safety, capacity and efficiency. This first step of selective interrogation is known as Mode S Elementary Surveillance (ELS).
Mode S Enhanced Surveillance (EHS) builds upon the concept of Elementary Surveillance and consists of the extraction of further aircraft parameters known as Downlink Airborne Parameters (DAPs). The additional DAPs include:
  • Selected Altitude
  • Roll Angle
  • Track Angle Rate (or True Airspeed if Track Angle Rate is not available)
  • True Track Angle
  • Ground Speed
  • Magnetic Heading
  • Indicated Airspeed/Mach No.
  • Vertical Rate (Barometric rate of climb/descend or baro-inertial)
  • An aircraft is considered to be EHS capable if the above 8 DAPs can be supplied.
Not all aircraft are EHS capable, The Eurocontrol website gives some useful information regarding aircraft that are and are not EHS capable.

Avionics - Moving Map Installation

FlitePartners Ltd is offering a low cost, retrofit Moving Map to interface with your existing IFE Control Unit or Distribution Unit, to enhance your
passenger flight experience. Provides real time flight information to the passengers to present position, altitude, destination, speed, time en-route and more.

Map sequences through 3 adjustable zoom levels automatically using world wide database. Up to 3 boarding pages while aircraft is on the ground e.g. company logo, local maps, advertising or custom messages such as safety briefs. Data pages are available in 6 different languages and in metric or US units. Solid state equipment provides high reliability. Easy upgrade using USB flash drive and keyboard/mouse unit.

Avionics - CAM Reprogramming
As part of your configuration change, FlitePartners can provide a matrix for CAM reprogramming and even organise the Reprogramming for you.


Avionics - ADS-B

ADS-B (Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) Is the next stage in aircraft tracking. It comes in two forms ADS-B in and ADS-B Out.
ADS-B out is going to be required in US airspace from 1st of January 2020 and in European Airspace from 2017. ADS-B out works by taking the location of the aircraft from a GNSS system, with the required level of accuracy, which it then transmits along with other parameters (altitude, velocity etc) to a ground station. This allows much more accurate tracking of aircraft than traditional means. The greater accuracy allows for ATC to decrease separation requirements.

ADS-B In is a modification for aircraft where the data transmitted by aircraft that are ADS-B out equipped is displayed on the flight systems. This gives the pilot a much better sense of where aircraft are located and improves situational awareness.

FlitePartners can help with both of these requirements, the exact details vary on an aircraft by aircraft basis so please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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