FliteByte - WiFi Hotspot In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE)

FlitePartners is currently developing FliteByte, a WiFi Hotspot In-Flight Entertainment System that is Low Cost and quick to install. FliteByte consists of just two boxes - Control Unit and Wireless Access Point. The Control Unit is the media streaming server suitable for either FlitePartners or Airline own media developer to create a passenger in flight entertainment experience. All media resides either on the fixed built in solid state hard disc or on the removable solid state hard disc. The airline can have its own custom interactive in flight magazine complete with videos and games.

  • Certification - EASA STC expected shortly

  • FlitePartners Provides Basic Software Free

  • Customers can delevop their own software and media

  • Suitable For In-Flight Magazine With Videos and Other Interactive Media

  • Internal Solid State Hard Disk

  • Removable Solid State Hard Disk

  • Ruggedized Security Memory Stick

  • Hi Reliability, No Moving Parts

  • Quick Installation, Night Stop

  • Hi Reliability, No Moving Parts

  • Fast Streaming, Large Band Width Available

  • Powered From Aircraft 28VDC

Alternate mounting in box in overhead bin

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Combined Server Control Unit


Light Weight Wireless Access Point for installation above ceiling on in overhead bin box


Left - A320 suggested mounting location above forward flight attendant Panel

Below Left - Suggested location for B737                                                Below Right - Above Ceiling mounting of
                                                                                                                 Wireless Access Point


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