FliteLock - No more lost keys for the crew!
FliteLock is a combination lock designed as a direct replacement for the key cam lock found in the A320, A330 and A340 cockpits.  It provides a very cost effective long-term solution to the downtime due to lost keys by crew members.  The installation generally takes about 20 minutes.  FliteLock is supplied with an EASA Certified Modification for installation, and if required, later removal to its original keylock at aircraft end of lease or sale.


Designed to replace this lock on A320 aircraft                                                                                          Or this lock on A330/340 aircraft
FliteLock Specifications
- FliteLock product kit is supplied with an EASA approved SB / EO for installation
- Kit supplied on FlitePartners CofC or optional EASA form 1 (subject to surcharge)
- 20 minutes installation time (estimated)
- Product weight 97grams (3.5 oz)
- Aluminium Case anodized
- Standard Colour Black.  Other Colours available for special Order.
- Installation Cutout Dims (mm) - Cutout already exisiting on A320 / A330 / A340   

A320 configuration (FliteLock equipped with cranked Cam)                                        


A330 A340 configuration (FliteLock equipped Hook Cam)



FliteLock - Stowage Accessories

- Rack to stow 3 iPads

- Aluminium construction with soft flocking finish to prevent scratching of iPads 


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