FlitePad - The Class 2 mount for iPad EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)

FlitePad is FlitePartners' "Installed" (was called Class 2) EFB iPad Mount. This is a slide in tray for the iPad and includes a 5 Volt power supply powered by 28VDC aircraft power. The installation mount is then adapted for each aircraft type. Please see the link below to provide a visual representation of how the FlitePad operates once on the aircraft.

Our "installed" (class 2) installation requires minimal modification to the aircraft, so is certified as an EASA minor mod. There is a CB for both Captain and First Officer to isolate the FlitePad if required. 
FlitePad for A320, B737, MD80 are all certified for all flight phases. Under development for A330, A340, ATR.  One of the major benefits is they are very quick to install and remove at end of aircraft lease or sale.


Products - FliteLock

Combination cam lock to be used as a direct replacement of key lock on A320, A330 and A340.

Products - Crew Rest

A Crew Rest area allows operators to make a long range flight with a second crew resting on board. This can allow the return fight to be made without the complex and costly logistical problems associated with positioning crew ahead of the flight and can offer the flexibility of last minute charter flights.

One current project is for a two berth crew rest for the B767-300ERSF which installs in the A1 cargo position and can be quickly installed or removed within 30 mins depending on operational requirements. This project is currently being certified as an EASA STC and is fully equipped with emergency equipment and supplemental heating.

FlitePartners has also worked on crew rest areas created with curtains in the passenger cabin and these solutions can be easily adapted to any aircraft type.

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Aircraft Interiors
Aircraft Interiors
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