LOPA Change

If you have a requirement for cabin reconfiguration then we will be pleased to quote for providing either EASA or FAA approved  modification.  For example seat change, introducing or removing Business Class or just repitching.

iPad / Tablet Stowage

Stowage for multiple iPads or other tablets. Flocked soft finish rack.

Overhead Bin Stowage Box - Can be custom made to your requirement

Emergency Equipment Installation

FlitePartners offers a Design and Certification service for Interior Modifications. As part of this package we are able to providing installation instructions and Safety Equipment Layout Drawings for the installation or relocation of Emergency Equipment such as Emergency Locator Transmitter  (ELT), First Aid Kits (FAK), Defibrillators, Megaphones etc. This would all be incorporated into an Engineering Order approved by EASA and/or FAA STC or Minor Mod as applicable.

Illuminated Marking Modification

Changing Lens may be required when an aircraft moves from one operational area to another. We have a process to change marking from one language to another saving the lead-time of replacement lenses and cost. Please send the PNs and photos as well as new language required so we can provide a quotation.

Crew Rest Module

The Crew Rest Module you see here was developed for B767-300ERSF freighter to allow long range charter operation with return crew resting onboard. This particular module is quick to install and remove as required complete with 2 berths, coms, oxygen and smoke detectors etc. Certified as an EASA STC.

Module was Located in the main deck A1 Pallet Position, AAY 88” x 125” on B767-ERSF

Features include Container Profile -

  • 2 Person Occupancy
  • Mattresses
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Communications
  • 110vac Power Outlets
  • Storage for Crew Gear

Seat Recline Deactivation

Seat Recline Deactivation can in some respects improve passenger comfort and reduce maintenance costs. Removing the possibility to recline the seat can avoid passenger disputes. We can provide approved modification and kit for this purpose.

Photoluminesent Floor Path Marking

We provide approved modification for removal/deactivation of electric system and installation of Photoluminesent Floor Path Marking. This gives maintenance savings and reliability gains.

Carpet and NTF Change

We can provide an approved modification for removal and replacement of your NTF (Non Textile Flooring) or Carpet. This can include burn testing and design of EASA or FAA approved modification to install.

No Smoking Fasten Seat Belt Sign

Custom design and mounting of No Smoking Fasten Seat Belt Sign.

Curtains - Made to Measure with EASA Form 1

We can have your choice of fabric burn tested and manufactured into curtain for your particular application. Design can be pleated, with hooks or poppers plus tiebacks as required in accordance with an EASA modification that we can develop.

Seat Cover & Cushion Change

We offer a Design and Certification service for Seat Cover and Cushion changes which is achievable for both 9g and 16g aircraft seats for commercial jet and turboprop aircraft. A Seat Cover and Cushion change would be accompanied by an Engineering Order, Flammability Test Report and technical drawings if required.

Quick Change VIP

Quick Change VIP that can be applied to standard commercial aircraft for VIP transport or special mission. In the case shown below the Business Class was replaced by VIP seating and some of the Business Seats were relocated to front of Economy. Arrangement was such that PSUs did not need relocation speeding up modification time. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirement and ideas and how we may assist you on this type of projects.

Closets and Class Dividers Supply and Installation Certification

EASA or FAA modification data pack supplied to install or remove Closets or Dividers. Custom built or used units can be supplied to meet your particular requirements.


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