FlitePad Features

Half Ball Mount

used on A320 and B737

Power Block

Power Block providing 5VDC charge supply to iPad with Indicator Light, On/Off Switch

Arm Mount

used on MD80

Adjustable Arm

used on MD80


to Retain iPad



FlitePad Docking

Video below shows FlitePad features and docking

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FlitePad Installation on A320 Family

A320 Window Mount

Carbon Fibre Window Mount - Quick install



FlitePad Installation on B737NG and B737MAX

B737NG and B737MAX  Mount

First Officer side installation on B737MAX

Carbon Fibre Mount can be see behind the FlitePad assy??

FlitePad Installation on B737CL

FlitePad Installation on MD80 Series

Arm Mount Option - used on MD80

MD80 Installation

Mounting Arm


FlitePad Installation as direct replacement for Rockwell Collins RDU-220T on A320 Family

Quick to install FlitePad Assy to replace Rockwell Collins RDU-220T Remote Display Unit

Origional Rockwell Collins RDU installed

FlitePad Specifications

FlitePad Carbon Fibre Slide In Tray with Integral Power Supply

Available in 3 sizes to suite 3 groups of iPad size formats:
  • Group 1: iPad Pro9.7 and iPad Air2 (models A1673, A1674, A1675, A1566 and A1567)
  • Group 2: iPad Pro10.5 (models A1701 and A1709)
  • Group 3: iPad 6th Generation, 5th Generation and iPad Air1 (models A1893, A1954, A1822, A1823, A1474, A1475 and A1476
Details of iPad sizes and FlitePad applicability


Mount Options:

  • Half Ball Mount
  • Adjustable Arm
  • Fixed - No Tilt or Rotate

Power Supply

  • Output - Lightning Connector dock to provide 5VDC Charging up to 15 watts
  • Input - 28VDC aircraft supply (< 1 Amp)  (min 8VDC - max 36VDC)
  • Standby - 1mA (i.e. power supply powered but not USB device connected)

Kit and Delivery

  • Rapid development and delivery of kit (delivered with EASA Form 1) plus EASA Approved documentation for most commercial aircraft types including:
  • 2 x FlitePad docking trays
  • Install kit including Mount to aircraft, Wiring Kit and CBs
  • Engineering Order for installation
  • Flight Manual Supplement
  • Wiring Manual Supplement
  • IPC Supplement
  • AMM Supplement


  • EASA Minor Mod for most commercial aircraft types

Electrical Power

  • Constant 5VDC charge supply to the FlitePad when docked onto window mount
  • Two independent power supplys, one for each Captain and First Officer
  • No trailing power leads to get trapped in seat, trodden on or lost

Reliable and Secure Mounting

  • Reliable and secure class 2 mount for iPad that can take the knocks and bumps of commercial airline operation
  • Designed to remain securely mounted during Turbulence, Depressurization or Heavy Landing
  • Design allows FlitePad to be used both in Landscape and Portrait orientation both on Captains and First Officers side


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