FlitePad does not include EFB software

The FlitePad is a Class 2 mounting system (excluding software) complete with integral power supply to charge the iPad when used as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). In the same way that a clip board does not certify the use of charts or other documents, the FlitePad does not certify the use of software. There are many providers of software applications and charts, please see below some links that may be useful:

Paperless Authorisation

For Part 91F operators, EFBs can be used in lieu of paper reference material so long as the intended functions of the device meet criteria defined in the AC. During the paperless transition, it is the responsibility of the operator to develop an evaluation and transition plan as described in the AC. Certificated (i.e. Part 135) operators must obtain OpSpec A061 for EFB use. While no formal approval is required for Part 91F operators, adherence to FAA guidance should be documented. Specific items to consider and document, include:

  • The operator must have a secondary or backup source for aeronautical information displayed on an EFB using Type A or B software. The secondary or backup information can be displayed electronically by other means.
  • The operator must be prepared to document compliance with items in subparagraph 13c of AC 120-76B. These items include EMI testing; proper stowage/mounting of the EFB; rapid decompression testing of representative device; policies for EFB use.


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